Frequently Asked Questions

What is a pre-nuptial or pre-marital agreement?
A contract signed by a couple before their marriage in which they agree who should get what, when and if they divorce.
How long will it take for my agreement to be effective?
The agreement will be effective from the moment you sign it.
What should I do to have a valid premarital agreement?
Generally you will want to make full and complete written disclosure of each others’ assets and liabilities well in advance of the wedding. You must make sure that the terms are not unreasonable, and would be considered fair, under the circumstances. We do not advise springing an agreement on the bride/groom on the eve of the rehearsal dinner.
Why is your service so cheap?
We are an expert online legal service. Therefore, we have considerably fewer overheads than a high street solicitor. This keeps our costs down to a minimum, allowing us to pass on our savings to our customers.
Are my bank details safe?
All our payment transactions for Pre Nuptial Agreement UK are processed by Sage Pay. Sage Pay provides very high levels of internet and physical security to ensure sensitive credit/debit card information is never compromised.
What sorts of couples enter into them?
At present, foreigners, rich men who are marrying poorer women, wealthy women marrying less wealthy men, and older couples who have been married before and want to make sure their children inherit their assets. But if they became legally enforceable they would probably be much more widely used.
In what circumstances are they more likely to be taken into account?
If the weaker party was not pressured into signing; if both had independent legal advice and fully disclosed their assets to each other; and if the terms do not seem too unfair when the divorce takes place.
Why enter into them if they are not legally binding?
Lawyers advise their clients they have nothing to lose by signing them. Judges are increasingly willing to take account of them, they might be made legally binding in Britain in future, or the couple could move to another country where they are enforceable.
Are there any standard forms of pre-nuptial agreement?
No. Just as each couple is different, there are no set contract provisions that are always used. The agreement can be as limited or as broadly stated as you want in order to protect each individual’s rights and property.
Is your Pre Nuptial Agreement valid for use everywhere in the UK?
Please be aware that our Pre-Nuptial Agreements are only valid for customers who currently live in England, Scotland or Wales.
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