Celebrity Pre-nuptial Agreements

Prenuptial agreements are considered sensible in today's day and age. With the amount of money celebrities earn and the lack of privacy they endure, it is no surprise they want to sign on the dotted line and secure their many assets. When a celebrity relationship breaks down, the whole world knows about it as well as how much money was lost in the process.

Some celebrities feel so strongly about their partner they do not want to sign a pre-nuptial agreement, as in the case of Wayne Rooney and Colleen McLaughlin who believed pre-nups to be unromantic. Britney Spears wasn't going to enforce a pre-nup before her marriage to Kevin Federline, however after being advised by Donald Trump it would be a wise move, Britney got Kevin to sign one. Luckily she did, for Kevin walked away with one million dollars and not half of Britney's fortune.

Some celebrities include outrageous clauses in their prenuptials to be implemented in the event the other partner cheats on them. Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards were extremely paranoid about each other's faithfulness, so much so, they signed a pre-nup declaring whoever cheated in the relationship would have to pay the other four million pounds.

In the case of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, they sorted out an agreement that would give Katie three million dollars for every year she is married to Cruise, up until the eleventh year upon which the agreement becomes void. The pre-nup also included an $8 million dollar trust fund for their little girl Suri.

Catherine-Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas signed a pre-nup that stated for every year they are married, Catherine will receive $2.8 million of Douglas' fortune. Best case scenario is that Catherine stays with Michael, but if she doesn't, she walks away with a very large fortune.

In the case of Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman, their pre-nup promoted the need for clean and healthy living. The pre-nup states that for every year Keith Urban stays married to Kidman he will profit from $640,000. However, as a former cocaine addict, if he ever goes near illegal drugs again he will not receive a cent of Kidman's $150 million. Kidman wouldn't want Urban walking away with half of her money and spending it all on drugs. Their pre-nup also stated that should Kidman and Urban have any children together, they agree to have joint custody.

When Brad Pitt married Jennifer Aniston, they didn't get a prenuptial agreement, however after going through marriage once and seeing it breakdown, he obviously wanted to secure himself in case it happened again. With a $100 million fortune to protect, Brad would definitely take a pre-nup when marrying Angelina Jolie.

TV celebrity Roseanne Barr sacked her attorney for even considering her to have a pre-nup before marrying Tom Arnold; however she should have listened to him, and probably wished she had when Tom Arnold walked away with $50 million of her fortune.

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