Currently, 99.7% of our customers say they are 'Very Satisfied' with our service. Testimonials:

"Reasonably simple but good communication if you do not understand anything"
Anthony Hickman, Worcester. January 2010


"A simple, well structured website which is both easy to navigate and easy to complete."
Lynfa Lawson, Chelmsford. October 2009


"very helpful staff , many thanks "
Tony Wood, Colohester. August 2009


"Easy straight forward and reasonably priced"
Michelle McBlane, Derby. July 2009


"excellent service and very helpfull when contacted by phone"
Carl Johnson, Sheffield. July 2009


"Very easy to find via a search engine and all completed within 10 minutes. One less worry prior to my wedding day, thanks."
Samantha Morris, . July 2009


"seemed quite easy to use."
Peter Gibbons, London. July 2009


"see above i guess"
Fred Treutlein, Wolverhampton. May 2009


"Very precise and accurate. Meets my expectations, may be because my case is simple and not very complicated."
Jaydeep, Kingston-upon-Tharnes, Surrey. May 2009


"Once the agreement has been satisfactorily finished"
Karen Shea, Brighton. March 2009


"Once the agreement has been satisfactorily finished"
Karen Shea, Brighton. March 2009


"Once the agreement has been satisfactorily finished"
Karen Shea, Brighton. March 2009


"When i receive my documentation i would gladly provide a testimonial regarding your service."
Jane Price, Chester. March 2009


"Prompt service!"
Melissa Binti Mohd Fadzil Jesudass, London. February 2009


"I found it very easy to use the forms and had a prompt response when I asked questions. "
Michael Newton, Cleveland. October 2008


"great and easy service"
CERI MORGAN, Chester. October 2008


"Quick and easy way to do this!"
Atull Gupta, Watford. August 2008


"Seems easy enough to use and hopefully will arrive quickly as its something I have done last minute!"
Sarah Ladbrook, Medway. April 2008


"very quick, easy to use and would recommend this to anyone marrying in this day and age."
Maurice Godfroy, Bournemouth. March 2008


"Helpful Staff Members"
Carrie Short, Lincoin. March 2008


"Form seems to be relatiively straight forward. Once I've seen the results of the agreement, I can make a coment on my overall opion."
Khalid Simon Din, Twickenham. March 2008


"Very easy to use and professionally laid out"
Miguel Guerreiro, London. January 2008


"the staff were very helpful and efficient a pleasure to deal with took a lot of hassle out of drawing up this agreement"
Fiona Brooklyn, Slough. January 2008


"Very good site, easy to use, quick and delivers value for money."
Kamal Deep, Medway. November 2007


"Very quick and easy to use. Good service! "
Mr Oliver Galletta, London. November 2007


"i found the forms etc were very easy to use/"
Kay Scott, Lincoin. August 2007


"Very easy to use. Very clear. I was nervous about doing an official document on the internet but I feel very confident about the service."
Nicholas Baker, London. July 2007


"Will do when all complete."
Martin Birch, Wolverhampton. July 2007


"Once we have received a satisfactory agreement."
Lee Lombardi, Twickenham. June 2007


"Very Simple and straight forward"
Nicholas Cable, Preston. June 2007


"Easy to use but we have not yet had a chance to review the final outcome. If it is as good as the process on line then it is an excellent product."
M D Wright, Torquay. June 2007


"It's good to be able to access a pre- nup online with relative ease"
Rachael Mewton, London. June 2007


"When I receive a satisfactory agreement I will gladly provide a testimonial"
Penelope Baker, Darlington, Co Durham. June 2007


"More people should know about this service. Thank you."
John Romp, Cheshire. September 2006


"Thank you so much for the service you have provided. Having a fully drafted prenuptial agreement has put me at ease and has made me feel secure about the future."
Paul Martin, London. July 2006


"10 years ago my first wife left me for another man. As if that wasn't bad enough she walked away with 10,000 of my hard earned money. I am getting married again this spring so with the prenuptial agreement you have provided me with I'm hoping it will prevent the same thing from happening again."
Ben Harding, Hereford. June 2006


"I got more nervous as each day passed drawing my wedding day nearer and nearer. I didn't know if I was making the right decision, and I even contemplated calling the whole thing off. Now we have a got a prenuptial agreement I can get on with my marriage knowing that if things were to go wrong I have some kind of insurance. Thanks for all your help."
Phillip Austin, Milton Keynes. May 2006


"My parents got divorced when I was young, which kind of put me off marriage for life. When I met my partner I just didn't know what to do. I wanted to be with her for the rest of my life but something was holding me back. She then suggested a prenuptial agreement and so I said yes!"
Robert Smith, Newcastle. April 2006


"My family have always had money so when I told my father that my partner had proposed he was full of concern. Since I have had my prenuptial drafted by you my father has approved the wedding and has since agreed to pay for our honeymoon."
Emily Greene, Reading. March 2006


Nicholas Davies, Portsmouth. February 2006


"I love my partner to pieces and I simply can't wait until we get married in 2 months time. I am glad however, that I have got a prenuptial agreement. Most people seem to have one these days and it is a good way to protect my beauty business that I have started from scratch."
Lisa Thomas, Birmingham. January 2006

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